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Votes For Women is an interactive exploration exhibit opening at the Main Library in 2020.

Votes for Women

Countdown to Grand Opening

Nashville will celebrate the virtual opening of Votes for Women on August 18, 2020—details coming soon.

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young woman with words about voting and the 19th amendment

Join Us This July: "I Ring The Bell" 

We want YOUR voice in this campaign

When the 19th Amendment was ratified right here in Nashville nearly 100 years ago, cities across the country rang bells in celebration — but Nashville did not.

We're breaking this historic silence now: join "I Ring the Bell" to make your mark for a cause you care about.

Here’s how:

  • Shoot a cell phone video, selfie-style
  • In the video, tell us who you are and what cause you're ringing a bell for today — and ring an actual bell!
  • Beginning July 9, share your video on social media
  • Make sure to tag Nashville Public Library (NowAtNPL) and use #IRingTheBell so we can share your statement widely

Your cause can be anything: stamping out domestic violence; advocating for education opportunities; mentoring young people. As long as it matters to you, it counts.

We want to be loud, and we want this act of community and solidarity to spark a conversation about how far we’ve come and how far we have to go. 

We want to celebrate women whose resilience and passion have over the decades paved the way for women and girls today. We want to inspire even more change for the future of our democracy.

Videos to help you get started

Andrea Introduces I Ring the Bell

Courtney Champions Equal Access to Healthcare

Lisa Celebrates Women's Right to Vote

Saints or Monsters: Political Cartoons of the 19th Amendment

Although you can't visit the exhibit at the Main Library just now, you can see the pieces online, below. Visit the album on NPL Flickr to discover the details of each cartoon.

Through the use of satire and caricature, editorial cartoons illustrate the political landscape and draw attention to the issues of the day. Educational, critical, and entertaining, the political cartoons in Saints or Monsters offer a window into history and show just how much was at stake for American women and our nation in the years leading up to the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

"Tennessee Has The Center Of The Stage"

Support Votes for Women

A gift to The Honor Roll is a thoughtful way to celebrate a woman in your life while contributing to this powerful and meaningful project. All tribute names will be listed as inaugural members on digital displays in the room.


About Votes for Women

This permanent exhibit tells the pivotal and dramatic story of Nashville’s role in winning women the right to vote with the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It provides a space to explore the core themes surrounding women’s roles, democracy, and power.

For Media Inquiries

If you're a reporter, blogger, social media influencer, or columnist interested in covering Votes for Women news, contact:

Andrea Fanta
(615) 862-5755 (office)
(615) 246-7423 (mobile)

Ed Brown
(615) 862-5800 (office)
(502) 475-6029 (mobile)

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