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An emperor marries a girl who promises him twin boys with stars on their foreheads. When the boys are born, the emperor’s stepmother buries them and replaces them with puppies! Once her own daughter becomes empress, will there ever be justice for the first empress and her sons?


Truth is sometimes we get comfortable in small spaces. Somehow we grow accustomed to playing small, disappearing, breathing in gasps, silencing opinions, and masking gifts. Who would we be if we lived our big, bold truths? If we lifted our chins, straightened our backs and walked in our fullness? 

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Welcome to The Arabian Nights Entertainments! This is the sixteenth and final part of Andrew Lang’s The Arabian Nights Entertainments. In this series, you’ll hear some familiar stories, some new stories, and even stories within stories.

This is the final installment of The Arabian Nights Entertainments! We close out by finishing The Story of Two Sisters Who Were Jealous of Their Younger Sister. Three siblings, all young adults, have been orphaned without learning anything of their unusual origins. As a strange quest continues, their lives move closer to that of the Sultan; whose secrets will be revealed by the end of the story?

Little girl hangs upside own from a tree next to a boa constrictor

Zonia's Rain Forest by Juana Martinez-Neal goes beyond many bromidic books about the tragedy of global warming typically read for Earth Day. Zonia's vivacious spirit uproots the paradigm of a lifeless, victimized planet  in a way that truly honors our Mother Earth. Follow the young Asháninka heroine as she salutes each of her animal friends and decides to stand up for her forest home.

legendborn by tracy deonn

Bree Matthews thinks she's found the perfect escape from her parents and small town when she's accepted into UNC-Chapel Hills residential program for high school students. But then her mom dies, and her perfect escape becomes an escape from grief and guilt. Then, magic and mythical monsters turn to reality which puts everyone around her in peril. 

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