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Silver Sprocket on Hoopla!

January 26, 2021

Silver Sprocket is an indie comics publisher (and record label and art collective and bicycle club and comics shop) based in San Francisco, and now you can sample their wares through the magic of Hoopla! 

Magical Beatdown is a manga-influenced revenge fantasy in which an arcade-obsessed young woman takes on a gang of street thugs. The book's cotton candy palette makes the violence on the page sing. 

Casey Nowak's No Better Words is a brief, passionate story about the all-consuming power of a new romance. You can find more of Casey's work in the all-ages series Lumberjanes and in their short story collection Girl Town.

Cartoonist Hyena Hell's hilarious No Romance in Hell follows a demon on her journey from the underworld to the human world in search of love. Not surprisingly, the pitfalls of online dating prove to be a hellscape equal to the one south of Heaven. 

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Jeremy Estes has worked for Nashville Public Library since 2008. He loves comic books and dislikes the term “graphic novels”. He hosts Panel Discussion, a comics book club for adults, on the first Wednesday of the month at 12pm at the Main Library. 

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