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Carmilla, Part III

Welcome back to All Things Eerie and Part III of Sheridan LeFanu’s Carmilla.

The charismatic and sophisticated vampire of modern fiction was born in 1819 with the publication of “The Vampyre” by the English writer John Polidori.  The story was highly successful and perhaps the most influential vampire work of the early 19th century.

Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula is remembered as the quintessential vampire novel and provided the basis of the modern vampire legend, even though it was published after fellow Irish author Joseph Sheridan LeFanu’s 1872 novel Carmilla.  The success of this book spawned a distinctive vampire genre, still popular in the 21st century through books, films, television shows, even opera and video games.  The vampire has since become a dominant figure in the horror genre.

In this evening’s episodes, we see an old picture being delivered to the schloss, a picture dating back many years, which bears a remarkable likeness to Carmilla.  The portrait is of a woman name Mircalla, the Countess of Karnstein, whose family ruins are not far from the schloss.

Our protagonist continues to be beset by frightening, dark dreams and a strange illness comprised of fatigue and strange and vague sensations.  We also learn that a mysterious complaint has invaded the neighborhood, taking with it several lives by inexplicable means.

And now, turn down the lights, and join us for Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu, Part III, Chapters 5 through 8….