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Legends of Film Podcast

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Bill likes all things pop culture. He hosts the Movies at Main film series and Legends of Film podcast.

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Legends of Film: Jeffrey Alan Fiskin

During this episode Bill talks to screenwriter Jeffrey Alan Fiskin. Fiskin’s credits include Revenge, Crackers, and the upcoming Movies @ Main feature Cutter’s Way (1981) starring Jeff Bridges. Mr. Fiskin discusses writing the script for Cutter’s Way, how Jeff Bridges’ dog got him a starring role in the film, and more recently, his experience working on the TV series Bosch.

Legends of Film: Tom Baum

During this episode Bill talks to screenwriter Tom Baum. Mr. Baum’s credits include Carny, The Manhattan Project, and The Sender. Baum discusses writing The Sender script, what he sees wrong with today’s movie trailers, and working at HBO during the early days. 

Legends of Film: Brian Trenchard Smith

During this episode Bill talks to director Brian Trenchard Smith. Mr. Trenchard Smith’s credits include Dead End Drive In, BMX Bandits, Turkey Shoot, and The Siege of Firebase Gloria. Trenchard Smith discusses the making of the film, and also talks about the best stunt he ever directed. 

Legends of Film: William Wittliff

Legends of Film podcast host Bill Chamberlain mourns the loss of another legend of film, William D. Wittliff (1940-2019).

Legends of Film: David and Janet Peoples

During this episode Bill talks to screenwriters David Webb Peoples and Janet Peoples. This husband and wife duo co-wrote the upcoming Movies @ Main feature 12 Monkeys. During the interview they discuss what inspired the writing of 12 Monkeys. Webb Peoples also talks about writing the screenplays for Blade Runner and Unforgiven.

Legends of Film: Mark Goldblatt

During this episode, Legends of Film host Bill Chamberlain talks to Film Editor Mark Goldblatt. Mr. Goldblatt's credits include Rambo: First Blood Part II, Pearl Harbor, True Lies, and the upcoming Movies @ Main feature The Terminator

Legends of Film: Charles Bernstein

During this episode we talk to Film Composer Charles Bernstein. Mr. Bernstein’s credits include A Nightmare on Elm Street, White Lightning, and Mr. Majestyk. Bernstein discusses scoring the job on Mr. Majestyk, his thoughts on temp tracks, and how cooking can have an impact on film composing.

Legends of Film: Carroll Ballard

During this episode we talk to Filmmaker Carroll Ballard. Mr. Ballard’s credits include the films Never Cry Wolf, Fly Away Home, and The Black Stallion. Ballard discusses making The Black Stallion, his role in the making of Star Wars: Episode IV, and working with legendary Illustrator and Author Maurice Sendak.

Legends of Film: Barry Malkin

During this episode we talk to Film Editor Barry Malkin. Mr. Malkin’s credits include The Godfather Part 2, The Rain People, and Cops and Robbers. Malkin discusses working on Cops and Robbers, collaborating with Francis Ford Coppola, and missed opportunities with Director Jonathan Demme.