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Dueling Musical Manga!

April 20, 2017

Animanga month is every March at Nashville Public Library. By now, you may need new ideas about what to read in the manga world. What to read among the hundreds of series that come out in a year? Look no further for something a little older along with something newly released in America!

Classic: Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April tells the tale of Kosei Arima, a piano prodigy whose career came to an abrupt end when he could no longer hear the musical notes. The entrance of Kaori Miyazono into his life throws him back into the whirlwind of musical competitions and trying to return color to his monochrome world. Kosei may not want to restart this path, but his growing affection for Kaori drives him to journey further outside of his comfort zone.

Up and Coming: Anonymous Noise

Nino Arisugawa has three loves: Singing, Momo, and Yuzu. Momo, a childhood friend, shows her how to unleash her voice. Yuzu, a young composer, furthers her desire to be a singer. When both make a promise to find her in the future, she sings to always remember that promise. Now in high school, Yuzu reenters Nino's life, but she wants to reunite with Momo and fulfill both promises. Yuzu’s band in NO hurry to shout needs a new vocalist and Nino wants to reach Momo, now a successful composer. Nino has only one choice: Sing as hard as she can.

Each of these manga embrace differing elements of musical culture and expression. Your Lie in April specifically educates on what pieces of music are played by the characters and encourages you to find the music to listen to yourself! Anonymous Noise takes the rough and hard rocking approach, so although there isn't a direct music link, you can clearly hear the bass-thumping in your own imagination! Both “Your Lie in April” and “Anonymous Noise” have anime adaptations, with “Anonymous Noise” airing now! Read the manga and follow along with the new series or catch up on the classic!

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John is an Adult Services Librarian at the Donelson Branch Library. He continues his never-ending quest to read all of the books and watch all of the movies he put off while in college and graduate school.